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Specials to Tehran

$860.32 from Los Angeles

$938.32 from San Francisco

Good to travel 01APR-27MAY and 26JUL-31OCT15

To be ticketed by 07.APR.15

Some restrictions apply.

Seats are limited, please book a.s.a.p.

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visit Shiraz

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Travel Packages

We are ready to make it happen

Today, Cyrus Travel is recognized by the 1.5 million Iranian nationals now living in the United States as the nation's premier source for travel to Iran and Europe. It is also recognized as the only consolidator in a highly competitive market that provides outstanding, value-added service to its customers. At Cyrus Travel offices the horizon is always filled with possibilities and we just have added a new one for your enjoyment. Cyrus Travel is offering you a unique present in the form of fabulous tours to spectacular Iran.