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Exploring Expansive and Historic Isfahan

isfahan iran

See Half of the World through Isfahan No other Iranian city will put your leg muscles to the test than Istafan would. Istafan is after all “half of the world” as the old Persian proverb goes. This 3rd biggest city of Iran is heavily peppered with Persian-Islamic architecture. Despite being one of Iran’s bustling, urbanized…

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How to Recover Quickly from Jet Lag

travel jet lag

Worrying about Jet Lag? Here are Tips to Quickly Recover “Jet lag” is a term travelers throw loosely around to describe any physiological discomfort they experience after long hours of flight. Headache? Jet lag. Feeling tired? Jet lag. Queasy stomach? Jet lag. Technically, it takes crossing at least 3 time zones for a traveler to…

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