Cairo – The Capital and Heart of Egypt

Cairo camels sunset

What comes into your mind when you think of Egypt or Cairo? The Great Pyramids? Of course. The Nile? The world’s longest river depending on whom you ask. How about tombs and mummies? Don’t worry they only come to life in movies.  And if your thoughts include artifacts and antiquities, there’s plenty to satiate your…

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Yazd – The City That Won the Geographical Lottery

yazd desert

It’s not a secret. Iran’s climate is dry. Considering its location, one should expect long hot summers and cool short-lived winters. Would you be interested  to know which part is the driest? If you knew, would you willingly visit it? If your answer is ‘No’, you’d be missing out on a unique, maybe even peculiar,…

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Packing Tips for Your International Trip

packing tips

Imagine yourself at strolling at the airport lobby, suitcase in hand. Your thoughts are filled with the sites that await you – ancient ruins, grandiose palaces, and elaborate gardens. You can rest assured you didn’t forget to pack any essentials when you follow our suggestions. Here are some practical tips on what to pack for…

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Exploring Expansive and Historic Isfahan

isfahan iran

See Half of the World through Isfahan No other Iranian city will put your leg muscles to the test than Istafan would. Istafan is after all “half of the world” as the old Persian proverb goes. This 3rd biggest city of Iran is heavily peppered with Persian-Islamic architecture. Despite being one of Iran’s bustling, urbanized…

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How to Recover Quickly from Jet Lag

travel jet lag

Worrying about Jet Lag? Here are Tips to Quickly Recover “Jet lag” is a term travelers throw loosely around to describe any physiological discomfort they experience after long hours of flight. Headache? Jet lag. Feeling tired? Jet lag. Queasy stomach? Jet lag. Technically, it takes crossing at least 3 time zones for a traveler to…

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The Ghost of a Glorious Past- Persepolis

persepolis woman

What do you know about ancient Persia and Persepolis? If you’ve seen movies like “300” and “Alexander”, you’d probably imagine blood hungry warriors battling with Greeks. They are an army of killers ruthless in their pursuit for land and fortune. How dare they go against the known cradle of Western civilization? It’s an outrage, right?…

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Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Iran

Visit Iran

Do you have a travel wishlist? Is Iran included on it? If not, that’s fine. When it comes to dream destinations, Iran travel doesn’t often make it to the list. But that’s about to change. Soon enough, people all around the globe will see Iran for the beauty that it is and fall in love…

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