Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Iran

Do you have a travel wishlist? Is Iran included on it? If not, that’s fine. When it comes to dream destinations, Iran travel doesn’t often make it to the list. But that’s about to change. Soon enough, people all around the globe will see Iran for the beauty that it is and fall in love with this Middle Eastern gem.

Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Iran:

Safe Travel in Iran

Despite being surrounded by Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Iran has been able to shield itself from the conflict happening outside its borders. Thanks to the relentless effort of their government, Iran continues to be a peaceful country. In fact, those who have traveled to Iran often describe it as one of the ‘safest’ countries they’ve ever been to.

So, don’t judge Iran by the company it keeps. Its borders are strong.

Iranian History

Did you know that Iran is the birthplace of one of world’s oldest civilizations? It’s also home to a number of ancient empires. Needless to say, Iran is teeming with history and it has more than enough to show for it. With 22 UNESCO World Heritage sites under its belt, Iran is a haven for history buffs.

Architecture in Iran

Iranian architecture, both ancient and modern, will make you wish you have an extra pair of eyes. The old structures will take you back in time while the newer ones will make you marvel. But both will leave you awestruck. Rich in cosmic symbolism, these structures will open your eyes to the beauty of Islamic and Persian inventiveness.

Iranian People

Take a look a this snippet of Persian literature:

Iran Travel



This perfectly sums up Iranian hospitality.

In general, Iranians are warm and hospitable, always smiling and ready to extend a hand. So, don’t be surprised if the locals you get yourself acquainted with genuinely invites you for tea. They love to treat their guests nicely.

Iranian Food

No traveling is complete without food. Sampling authentic cuisine is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a foreign land’s culture. Experience their unique way of drinking tea and feast on tender kebabs, polow and dami, hearty stews, saffron-infused snacks, and other mouthwatering Iranian dishes. Aside from being a self-indulgent pleasure, food will deepen your understanding of Iran’s heritage, people and history.

Budget-Friendly Travel

Currently, tourism is still a developing industry in Iran. The number of visitors has increased in the recent years but it’s still a ‘low-key’ destination. Travel costs are relatively low and you can enjoy a comfortable stay at a friendlier price. Our tour packages are the best deal for your money and easy on the budget, plus $20 can cover your food for the entire day. If you wish to explore on your own, a long bus ride is typically $10.

Give yourself a chance to experience the authenticity only Iran can offer. Free your mind from preconceptions if you still have any. Iran is a charming country. All the reasons to visit are here. Come before it takes the number one spot on everybody’s travel list. Click here to see our tours.

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